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BSC Soccer Specialty Classes

Next Step Drills Our BSC Specialty classes are just for you! These specific foot skill training classes will introduce players to advanced techniques to improve ball mastery and control. All classes are co-ed.


Stay Tuned for Winter 2016 Information


Foot Skills     

The foundation of our training philosophy is ball mastery.  This class will train players to become more comfortable with the ball and teach them to have confidence to take defenders on.


Advanced Foot Skills     

Foot Skills for the Flight 1 Travel Soccer Players and above.


Weaker Foot Training     

There are few left-footed players in soccer and even fewer genuinely two-footed soccer players.  The majority of players who declare themselves “bothy” are actually one-footed players who can use their weaker foot inconsistently and often inappropriately.  The theory behind weaker foot training is to completely relearn the techniques of soccer and then apply them to a player’s weaker foot. It is so much more than a learning to “kick with the other foot!”




Are you ready to become a better goalkeeper?  If you’re a dedicated goalkeeper looking for specialized, position specific instruction, BSC’s Goalkeeper Classes are the ultimate training program for keepers of all ability levels.  Sessions will address techniques including shot stopping, crosses, distribution and positional play.



“Girls Only” Goalkeeping     

This program gives female goalkeepers the opportunity to train in a female only environment.  Sessions will address techniques including shot stopping, crosses, distribution and positional play.  Are you ready to become a better goalkeeper?



Goal Scoring   

BSC’s Goal Scoring focuses on finishing of all types.  Power & placement shooting, headers, volleys, combination play to create space, penalty kicks, finishing from corner kicks and more!  We try to create a complete goal scorer so they are prepared for every situation.  We focus on technical preparation and then apply it to a tactical situation.



Small Sided Game Time “The Competitive Cauldron”

This high tempo game environment will work on 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 situations. Classes will focus on the player’s decision making. They will gain confidence to take on players, deal with defending moments and execute skills under pressure.



  $20 Annual BSC Membership required for all players
Contact us at 908-203-1600 or with questions.